A small team of highly experienced programme/project management, training, clinical governance and incident planning experts, each with an impeccable track record of successful delivery, often in highly complex and difficult environments.

The Team

The JHE Management team experience base spans both large private companies as well as public sector organisations, and in particular healthcare and emergency services organisations, We have also worked with clients in department of health, defence, retail, aerospace, digital media and information technology.

We provide a flexible approach from short to medium term consultancy. We are also able to offer expertise in adult education as well as business development and strategic guidance through to full (rapid) programme implementation and post implementation review. We are  experienced in  clinical audit and project assurance services.

The JHE Management team specialise in time-critical ad hoc requirements and where applicable turnaround of projects which are “off-track”.

All JHE Management consultants have a unique skill set and have been brought together for their expertise and reputation in their field.

Based on the skill set you require, we will select the most appropriate member of the JHE Management team as your lead contact to ensure that your requirements are met.

We like to have an open and honest relationship with our clients and will work to ensure we can deliver your needs by the agreed dates (to the best of our ability) and to your budget.


For more information about us and to discuss your requirements please contact

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